Fresh Flowers

Just a small town girl, born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. I grew up, like many of us gals, idolizing my fabulous mother. She has always stood as an inspiration for inner beauty, self love and sheer confidence. The gift of glamour has long since been in my family beginning with my great great grandmother, Adeline. She was a licensed dermatologist in the late 1800s and later developed a makeup line of her own by the name of Madame Rumball cosmetics. 

I am self-taught. I continue to learn new trends, techniques and tips every day. I worked for Clinique for 3 years and absolutely adored the experience. From there, I began doing bridal makeup as a duo with my mum. I have since discovered that it is a true thrill for me to be a part of someone's most precious day. Being a makeup artist is not only challenging but it is a creative outlet I truly cannot live without. 

I want to thank every person who has supported this dream of mine and allowed me to be their go-to glam expert. Y'all are the real rockstars.